dine&design…mellow yellow? not for the Aestate!

Helloooooooooo! It’s been a bit–but I’m back…for a bit!  And today I’m very happy to be guest posting my (supposedly) weekly dine&design entry over at Jessica Rowe’s uber-cool design blog: the Aestate.

Jessica’s blog is one of a select few that I follow daily–she’s design-smart with a twist of spunk and a dash of humor. So make sure to check it out here!

On another dine&design note, I’ve been asked if I actually make the recipes I post.  And the answer is yes!…mostly…sometimes.  Today I am actually (even as we speak) baking a “yellow” recipe to match the dine&design color du jour:

Food52 Simple Summer Peach Cake

One is for new neighbors who moved in yesterday and one is for a favorite friend’s birthday dinner we are hosting tomorrow (any excuse to get together!).  Fingers crossed, this is what they will look like in about 27 minutes:

photo: savour

Until the next time…

love where you live.

dine&design: ah, the college dining hall…i knew it well

pretend i’m the one on the left (photo: mark seelen)

I’m off to my (gulp) 25th college reunion today where I’ll be meeting up with two very special friends whom I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like (as in, everyday).

I’m not sure what to expect once we set foot back on campus, and I’m also not sure if our hotel room will be as marvelous as the one pictured above…wait, that’s not correct. I KNOW our hotel room will NOT be as marvelous as the one pictured above. But this weekend, it’s not about the design…or the “dine” — this weekend it’s about reconnecting with friends who walked into my life almost 29 years ago, and (thankfully) never left. And it’s about laughter…lots and lots of laughter…and champagne.

And true to the weekly dine&design entry…there must be a tub–a vintage tub.  A symbol of the pure relaxation that the coming weekend holds (if only in our dreams).  So I thought this image perfectly summed up Alumni Weekend with the Girls:

i call the red striped pumps on the left ledge of the tub

P.S.– It’s been a busy spring and I’m hoping the summer brings with it “flex” time to be more consistent with this blog and with sharing my design ideas. Please stay tuned…

Until the next time…

love where you live.

dine&design: stay gold

a classic…to be read (or re-read) at any age

So what does S.E. Hinton’s classic teen novel, The Outsiders, have to do with food–or design?  Well….it was a favorite quote from this book that brought me to this week’s dine&design color.  You see, next week my oldest child will be turning the final page and closing the book of his elementary school years.  Six years of elementary school will culminate with a “Recognition Ceremony” followed by a class picnic that includes the handing out of the coveted “5th Grade Memory Book” — a snapshot of a relatively short, but treasured, time in elementary school.  As I pored over “through the years” photos to be included in this memory book, what popped into my head (and heart) was a quote from this novel that I’ve never forgotten: Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold

Gold is a timeless color; a hue rich in beauty, deep in strength, pure .  But stop me before I get too sentimental, (that’s for next week at the ceremony!), and let me say that “gold(en)” in food & dining lingo = fried…or in other words: YES, please.

So here’s to golden delish dining…

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dine&design: oh, just peachy…

Note: while the woman in this picture is not me…she is the type I strive to be: relaxed, laid back, skin that glows (sigh).  It’s been a crazy-busy month for this mom–stuffed to the top and over flowing with kids’ sport practices and games, recitals, field trips, school fund-raisers and events, more sport practices and games, end-of-school-year social activities…(and did I mention kids’ sport practices and games?). Inhale…release.

But when asked how I’m doing, I smile and say, “Oh, just peachy.” Why? Because it’s Memorial Day weekend and that means (at least) one thing–summer is (almost) here. Which, in turn, means (at least) one thing–our local farmer’s market will soon be bountifully supplied with juicy, slurp-worthy, yummy, lovely Michigan peaches. And that, my friends, is my color du jour.

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dine&design: black-and-white-and-cool-all-over

stylist AnoukB (photo: Marjon Hoogervorst)

Welcome to this week’s edition of dine&design with a look at black&white in food and home decor.  What exactly is black? What is white? Are they shades? Colors? Pigments? The result of absorbed/reflected light?  For the sake of today’s entry, let’s just call them pretty darn cool.  In the world of interior design, the use of black and white can be both dramatic and understated, modern and classic, organic and refined.  And in the world of food (as you shall see) black and white is just downright yummy.  Continue reading

dine&design: a hint of mint…

photo: bon appetit

It’s off to the races tomorrow with the running of the (138th) Kentucky Derby, where fancy hats and mint juleps abound.  Paying homage to this legendary event, I present to you this week’s dine&design color… Continue reading